Spa & Massage - What to do ?
4 Hands Massage for men, women and couples
4 Hands Massage for men,
women and couples @ The Oasis Spa
in Bangkok, Thailand
Why Spa & Massage in Thailand are recognized and well-know Reputation throughout in the world ?. The main reasons are the following :

1. Pricing is the main reason that tourists do not want to miss the opportunity to visit a few times in Thailand, added the spa to relax from the fatigue of travel to work compare prices from the spa in Thailand. With prices in their own countries. Virtually free of charge for travel time to choose a treatment least 2 more hours.

2. Handiwork almost every spa in Thailand. Whether it is a little massage shops lie within the large central city commercial building on nearby businesses. Or outside a small town to a spa, well that is not very good day spa or spa in the hotel are all skills that have recognized the trend has been through very well. Call a professional that ever.

3. The famous Thai massage. Because Thailand has a unique molding of itself. No one would ever enter spa. Or had received massage. Will not know the Thai massage or Thai massage refuse to try a few times when visiting Thailand.

4. A welcome service in Thailand is known as a welcoming country, one of the best customer friendly, generous, friendly and good with customers. Not make it easy to find players in other countries around the world are charming top for attracting customers. To satisfy customers spread widely to business travel hotels, restaurants, spa and other rapidly growing in Thailand.

5. The combination of modern medicine. The ancient physicians. Or could have known. Medical options. The treatment options come naturally. Using local herbs massage massage linear press the point. Enabling treatment. Help mitigate the symptoms of certain diseases.

6. Environment environment in Thailand. Including formatting, spa design using various materials such as music, make spa in Thailand has become distinctive characteristics provide services to truly feel relaxed.

7. Products with spa. Variety of spa products on the price and product designs are quite. Using beautiful. Some products use natural materials blend seamlessly with modern techniques.

Spa in Bangkok
Spa in Bangkok
Spa began 1993 in with Oriental Hotel is a first generation pioneer. Made in the hotel spa. And in time 1 year later they started a spa resort in the seaside.

Thai spa is a holistic health care program utilizing the benefits of Thai local wisdom. Water therapy is a traditional Thai healing technique regarding the use of water stream to relax, balance and stimulate the body, mind and spirit under a beautiful natural environment. Moreover, Thai spa also includes one of the most remarkable local wisdoms called traditional Thai massage. It is a local wisdom of Thai people who always help one another within the family, who offer the traditional Thai massage for relaxation and treatment of diseases. Thai spa is composed of the use of skin care to instill feelings of freshness and beauty through massage, massage with hot press, herbal sauna, herbal body scrubs, nutrition and Thai musical instruments presenting a rich heritage of Thai cultures, arts and traditions that have passed over a long period of time and passed down from generation to generation within their communities. The objective is to promote wellbeing of heath system for both body and mind and to reduce the stress from the body.

Spa activities are primarily focused on creating a relaxed and comfortable for both 5 senses, including taste, odor, sound and picture experience and activity is known is that most of her mold of Oasis (aromatherapy) or aroma therapy sure enough.
Types of the Spa
1. Hotel and Resort Spa
divided by location. Emphasis is on relaxation and massage facilities, especially. Provide a good place atmosphere. Beautiful scenery and landscape. Coupled with literally skin and body treatments from a stress specialist.
2. Destination Spa (Benz Ting Nation Spa)
Benz Ting Nation Spa (Destination Spa) intended to adjust or restore the health of consumers better. Place a holistic spa services. A comprehensive service. Such as massage variations. Balancing based on heat and cooling water treatment called Wari and strict diet and other matters. Customer will have access to services and activities under the program provided many options such as programs put strain relaxation. Continue meditation program. And mental health care, etc., which will provide most spa with accommodation.
3. Medical Spa
is a natural spa treatment used in conjunction with medical science. A program of treatment and health care specialists. It also includes services such as laser acupuncture. The lower intestine, etc.
4. Day Spa or City Spa
A spa, take in the work done during the day may be just 30 minutes or 1 hour is not necessary to have the room service. Location of this type are often spa in major cities or important business district of the easily accessible and convenient, such as Silom Road area or major tourist destinations like Phuket, Hat Yai, etc. will have this spa a lot of and causes a rapid expansion of the Day Spa is often based advantage in low cost. The charge rate is less than luxury spa hotel and marketing base from already existing businesses, such as Spa products business, Incense and Herbs business, Aesthetic business, Massage business facilities, and Medical business.
5. Hot Springs Spa (Mineral Spring Spa)
Hot Springs Spa (Mineral Spring Spa) Spa services are mineral hot springs and wells As hot springs and mineral water are different minerals that can reduce some illnesses such as pain from arthritis, etc.
6. Club Spa (Fitness / Health Club)
Club Spa (Fitness / Health Club) is a small spa, often arranged as part of the physical facilities management services (Fitness) or health (Health club) for people who exercise to relax tension. This type of spa business that already is a long tradition in Thailand. But just in time to run to get the original Club House or exercise facilities. But now medical science bring into therapy combined with exercise to attract the users. Or a consumer needs to access this particular service. On a cruise ship called Cruise Ship Spa and known in the rehabilitation of the hospital called Medical Spa, etc.
7. Home Spa
Home Spa is a spa at home by yourself buy the necessary equipment and the service characteristics of Delivery service spa facilities to send employees to service the home.
Massage in Bangkok
Massage in Bangkok
Thai massage is a cultural treasure of Thailand with a very long history, passed down since ancient times. Thai massage has helped cure diseases and relieve stress throughout history, and it is a prominent feature of the Thai lifestyle. Thai massage combines the movements of the fingers, palms and arms to press, rub or bend the patient’s body. There are also other massage techniques for relieving muscles stress, exhaustion, fatigue and stimulating blood circulation. The therapeutic value of Thai massage is known worldwide. The Thai massage, relaxation, which makes healthy divided into several categories.
Types of Massage
1. Massage oil
Body massage using oils extracted from natural pure as Jo Jo Baton almonds and natural aromas. Help relax and relax with a refreshing aroma specialized in the treatment of symptoms to moderate symptoms like sleepiness strain also depressed oil to help clean skin. And reinforce the shape. Not cause muscle break flag as body fat. Heat the oil resulting from the massage will permeate deep into skin and muscle. Help ease the feeling light.
2. Foot Reflexology
Relaxing massage. Massage is a Thai traditional conventional sanitary. Which directly affect the physical and psychological cause of blood flow wind. Relieve muscular fatigue. Treatment of pain, body aches as relaxation tips to help health sprain. Energetic. Mental relaxation.
3. Darts
Foot Massage Foot Massage keep a balance in the body. Assist the quake circular to various organs within the body better. Resulted in a purge of waste from cells. Adjust the balance of physical conditions allow better overall health.
4. Massage Spot, LLC
Exercise too violently. May cause contraction of the muscle-specific symptoms or symptoms of fatigue Massage Spot, LLC is a massage loosen the muscles. Helps muscles relax.
5. Foot capture line
Massage therapy for pain and aches spot. Or the joints. Adhesion of the membrane of the body, relaxing respite.
6. Foot disintegrate fat - Oasis
A massage oil. To relax all the muscles of the body.
7. Massage - massage with hot press
Herbal compress is used. By body massage with hot press. To relax muscles that feel tight or tense.
8. Massage - Migraines
A massage to resolve headache symptoms. It hit the pain points around the head.
Other types of massage available in Thailand include
- Swedish massage - Aromatherapy massage - Ayurvedic massage - Craniosacral massage - Deep tissue massage - Lymphatic massage - Sports massage - Stone massage
Spa & Massage Shop
Spa & Massage Products
Spa & Massage Products
In Bangkok has a various spa & massage shop who are make you done the spa or massage activities. The products of spa & massage can separate 2 part that are Spa Product and Package Spa.
Spa Product
has 4 products that are

Mask : Thai Style such as Whitening Jel , Modern Style
Massage : Face, Body & Foot. The science of oil massage are originated from the west, Thai also uses fragrances and herbs in traditional health care for long time ago. WatPo's oil massage technique to manipulate the relaxable feeling and Thai massage.
Scrub : Scrub Sauna Mask and Waxing
Others : Nail care. This course is emphasis in practice of hand and foot spa, nail care, nail coating with UV gel, nail painting, nail art with acrylic, and cleansing.
Package Spa
Treatment the skin UV destroyed and sensitive skin:
The quality Sesame oil with vitamin E from natural and Yoghurt Extract Spilulina Extract for treatment recovery the skin and jojo beat to stimulate the circulation of blood.
For scrub face to intensify skin (Full 0ption):
Eliminate old cell cause wrinkle with the face and the quality of Thai herb can treat make your face white and smooth.
Facial Whitening Treatment (Thai Style):
Sesame oil helps decreased to cavil on your face and jojo beat to stimulate the circulation of blood.
Body Detox:
For help residues absorb of skin with chollophill to cure and decreased the rash make the body relaxed.
Body Whitening Treatment (Thai Style):
Treatment the body for white and smooth skin .
Aroma Treatment:
lavender geranium for relax and balance the elderly with moisture from mineral water.
Foot Treatment:
make your foot skin soft and eliminate fungi cause the smell.