Bangkok Area Guide
Airport (สนามบิน)
Airport Area
Bangkok is blessed with two large airports, namely Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport, which opened on September 15th, 2006 and Don Meuang Airport. Most passengers landing in Thailand will arrive at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport, while a limited number of flights are still offered at Don Meuang.

There are a large number of attractions, restaurants, shops and other facilities located near these airports for the convenience of visitors. While a wide range of Duty Free shopping is available at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport, shopping malls such as Seacon Square, Central Plaza and the Bang Phli Floating Market are all just a short drive away. Visitors can also play a round or two of golf in this area, pamper themselves at spas and dine in style at a large number of excellent restaurants.

It should be noted that Don Meuang airport is located in the Northern reaches of the city in a built up area that includes hotels, and plenty of public services for local residents. Few tourists use this facility however. The new Suvarnabhumi airport is further out, east of the city, surrounded by open fields, canals, ponds and modern housing estates. Some budget hotels have sprung up in the area (part of Samut Prakarn province), but you do have to drive at least 20-30 minutes to reach the large malls of the area. Both light industry and residential neighbourhoods are scattered here. Those who have several hours to kill during a transfer can realistically go shopping or even visit the much recommended Ancient City historic themed park nearby, reckoning on an hour for total transfers/taxi rides.
How to get there?
Don Mueang Airport (ท่าอากาศยาน ดอนเมือง)
take the taxi

Suvarnabhumi International Airport (ท่าอากาศยาน สุวรรณภูมิ)
Almost all of Suvarnabhumi international Airport can be handily reached by Airport Link at Makkasan (City Air Terminal) to Suvarnabhumi (Airport).
Don Mueang Airport
National Memorial 1. National Memorial
This impressive monument was built to honour the men who fought for Thailand. Featuring the Pillar of Eternal Flame, which consists of Thai crystals at the top of a marble pedestal, visitors can enter the octagonal building to view a collection of murals depicting scenes from Thai history.

How to get there: Take bus no. 29, 34, 39, 59, 95, 503, 504, 510, 513, 524, 529 or 539 to the intersection of Paholyothin and Vibhavadi Rd.
Opening Hours: Mon - Fri from 09.00 am. - 03.30 pm.
Admission Fee: No entry charge
Royal thai air force 2. Royal Thai Air Force Museum
Established in 1952, this interesting and informative museum is a popular attraction with those who have a passion for aviation history. Visitors will be treated to the chance to view a wide range of rare exhibits, many of which cannot be seen anywhere else in the entire world.

The museum can be found close Wing 6 of Don Mueang Airport’s domestic terminal, which is situated on Phanonyothin Rd.. One of the highlights in the Royal Thai Air Force Museum is the Type 10 (Hawk 3). This fighter aircraft played an important role during the Indochina War and is the last of its kind in the world.
How to get there: Take bus no. 34, 39, 114, 185, 503, 520, 522, 543 or 543A
Opening Hours: Daily from 09.00 am. - 04.00 pm.
Admission Fee: No entry charge
Suvarnabhumi International Airport
King Rama IX Park 1. King Rama IX Park
Created in 1987 to commemorate the 60th birthday of H.M. King Bumibol Adulyadej, the large and lovely King Rama IX Park is a good place to relax and unwind. People who have time to kill before their flight out of Suvarnabhumi Airport will be able to wander through the six different zones of this spectacular green space, which comprise the first comprehensive botanical garden to grace Thailand.

Upon entering the park, visitors will first be faced with the Garden of the Great King, which is the most important area of this 200-acre park. Visitors follow paths leading alongside carefully tended bushes, flowerbeds and lakes to view a number of impressive monuments. One of the most interesting area for foreign visitors is the Rommaniya Garden as it contains miniature replicas of Thailand’s geological features such as mighty mountains and islands.

How to get there: Take bus no. 145, 206 or 207
Opening Hours: Daily from 05.00 am. - 05.00 pm.
Admission Fee: 10 Baht (Price are subject to change)
Erawan Museum 2. Erawan Museum
One of Samut Prakan’s most famous and striking attractions, the Erawan Museum is a tribute to creativity and passion. People who drive along Sukhumvit Rd. towards Suvarnabhumi Airport will be greeted by the sight of a giant three-headed elephant, which is believed to be the largest elephant statue in the entire world and measures an impressive 50 meters high.

Guided tours of the Erawan Museum are conducted every half an hour and take visitors right inside the elephant to view a rare collection of jewels and antiques from all around Thailand. Visitors then climb inside the elephant’s stomach and are treated to stunning views of the surrounding area from a small window located high inside the statue.

How to get there: Take bus no. 102, 142, 507, 511 or 536
Opening Hours: Daily from 09.00 am. - 06.00 pm.
Admission : 150 Baht for adults, 50 Baht for children (Price are subject to change)
Sport & Activities
Airport Sport & Activities >>>
Don Mueang Airport
Rajpruek Golf Course 1. Rajpruek Golf Course
Designed and created in 1992 by the J. Michael Poellot Golf Design Group (JMP), this international standard 18-hole multilevel golf course is a good place to get back into the swing of things after a long flight. This picturesque course has been designed to incorporate a unique surface drainage system so that it stays free from flooding, even in the monsoon season.
Visitors will be treated to first-rate service all the way at the Rajpruek Golf Course, and the range of facilities and services available include sauna and steam rooms, an extensive dining room, lobby lounge and golf merchandise shop.

How to get there: Take a taxi to 100 Moo 3, Vibhavadi-Rangsit Rd., Tungsonghong Laksi
Opening Hours: Tue-Sun from 06.00 am. - 06.00 pm.
Admission Fee: 1,000 Baht Tuesday to Friday, 1,663 Saturday and Sunday (Price are subject to change)
Contact: Tel: 0 2955 0055; Fax: 0 2955 0096
Kantarat Golf Course 2. Kantarat Golf Course
While this may not be the largest or most picturesque golf course in the whole of Thailand, the Kantarat Golf Course is a good place to kill time while waiting for a flight out of Don Mueang Airport. The course is owned by the Royal Thai Air Force and consists of 18 holes, which are located between the airport’s two main runways.

Playing a round or two here is a must for those who love golf and have a thing for aircraft as golfers will be treated to the sight of planes coming almost uncomfortably close as they swoop in to land at the nearby runways.
How to get there: Take a taxi to Don Mueang Airport
Opening Hours: Wed-Mon from 06.00 am. - 06.00 pm.
Admission Fee: 320 Baht weekdays, 620 Baht at weekends (Price are subject to change)
Contact: Tel: 0 2534 3840 to 3; Fax: 0 2523 6441
Goal Club Z Goal Club Z
Visitors to Bangkok who are missing ‘the beautiful game’ can head on over to Goal Club Z to play a match or two of footie, competing against friends or challenging club members to a game. Goal Club Z consists of three different courses, each of which has space for up to seven people to play on.

These indoor pitches have been specially created with artificial grass to give an authentic feel. The clubhouse also offers a wide range of amenities for those who want to relax and unwind for a while.
How to get there: Take a taxi to Ram Intra - At Narong Express (Toll Rd.), Khlong Lamchiak, Bueng Khum
Opening Hours: Daily 24 hours
Admission Fee: No entry charge
Contact: 08 9995 4477, 08 7808 1222
Trot Around Equestrian Center Trot Around Equestrian Center
Travelers who are missing their horses back home and those who always wanted to try horse riding but never managed to find the time will be in their element at the Trot Around Equestrian Center. This is the perfect place for those who love horses and this professional horse riding club offers lessons to those who have never ridden before as well as special skill training to those who are already comfortable on horseback.

In addition, the Trot Around Equestrian Center offers facilities such as stable rental, grooms and horse training.
How to get there: Take a taxi along the Ekamai-Ramintra highway to Sukabiphran 5 Rd., Watcharaphol
Opening Hours: Daily from 09.00 am. - 06.00 pm.
Admission Fee: 2,000 Baht horse rental per day (Price are subject to change)
Contact: Tel: 0 2948 7680, 08 1410 8523; Fax: 0 2948 7680
Suvarnabhumi International Airport
Navatanee Golf Club 1. Navatanee Golf Club
Created in order to host the 1975 World Cup, the Navatanee Golf Club is home to one of Thailand’s most famous gold courses and people travel from all over the world to tee off on this picturesque green. Although play is restricted to members at weekends, those who arrive during the week will be welcome to play at their leisure as well as making use of the clubhouse’s excellent facilities.
The course was extensively renovated in 1997 and consistently receives excellent reviews from visitors. In addition to features such as lakes and bunkers, visitors will be able to relax in the clubhouse’s swimming pool and treat themselves to fine dining.

How to get there: Take a taxi to 22 Navatanee Rd., Kwaeng Kannayao, which is around 30 minutes from central Bangkok
Opening Hours: Mon - Fri from 06.00 am. - 06.00 pm.
Admission Fee: 2,000 Baht (Price are subject to change)
Contact: Tel: 0 2376 1034 to 6, 0 2376 1693 to 5; Fax: 0 2376 1685
Summit Windmill Golf Club 2. Summit Windmill
Designed in 1998 by golf legend Nick Faldo, the Summit Windmill golf course is located by Suvarnabhumi Airport. In addition to playing during the day, those who arrive late at night will be able to take advantage of Summit Windmill’s special night time packages, when the golf course is specially floodlit to provide plenty of light.

This is a great place for both amateur and professional golfers to unwind for a while, and some of the biggest names in the world of gold such as Tiger Woods have played here.
How to get there: Take a taxi from Suvarnabhumi Airport to 72 Moo 14, Bangna-Trad (Km 10.5)
Opening Hours: Daily 24 hours
Admission Fee: Weekends 3,000 Baht; Weekdays 2,000 baht (Price are subject to change)
Contact: Tel: 0 2312 5883 to 9; Fax: 0 2750 2124
Recommended Trip - Full Day Excursion
"Bangkok Countryside"
A short drive east of Bangkok takes us to Minburi, one of the city's oldest and most interesting suburbs.

Bangkok Countryside What Will we see?
Our one day tour takes you out of Bangkok and back into the Thailand of old. A land of gentle river boats, laughing children, rice fields, green tropical landscapes and temple after temple! Visit the bizarre temple of Phurt Udom Pol, Kamalulislam mosque and the market town of Nong Chok. You visit a local women's cooperative, fish farms, working rice mills, traditional Thai wooden houses and an old medicine shop. You also get a close-up view of Thai village life. This is as real as it gets. No other tourists come out here!
What is the riding like? The ride is a gentle 40 kilometers along canal paths, and wide dirt roads passing through paddy fields.
Departure Days : Every Monday and Thursday
Pick up Time : Daily from 06.45 am. - 05.30 pm.
Contact : Tel: 0 2712 5305, 08 9895 5680; Fax: 0 2712-5306
Indoor Stadium Huamark & Rajamangala National Stadium
Designed by Chulalongkorn University’s Faculty of Architecture, this sports stadium was built to mark the 60th Anniversary of His Majesty the King Bhumibol Adulyadej. As well as being the home to the Thai football team, visitors can take part in a wide range of sports here and there are large tennis and squash courts open to members of the general public.

Visitors who want to play sports here will have to visit during the week as rock and pop concerts are held here at weekends and among the many bands who have played here over the years are Pearl Jam, Take That and Sonic Youth.

How to get there: Take a taxi to Rajamangala Rd.
Opening Hours: Mon - Fri from 08.30 am. - 04.30 pm.
Admission Fee: No entry charge
Green Valley Country Club Lake Nong Bon Water Sport Center
Situated on the outskirts on Bangkok, the picturesque Lake Nong Bon plays host to a wide range of water sports, including windsurfing, sailing and kayaking. Membership is priced at just 40 per year for adults, and the lake can be found behind the large shopping mall of Seacon Square.

Even those who prefer to keep their feet on dry land will find plenty to do here, as this is one of the area’s most stunning natural beauty spots. The lake covers 254 acres and the water sports center rents out equipment to visitors.
How to get there: Take bus no. 145, 19 or 207
Opening Hours: Daily from 08.30 am. - 06.30 pm.
Admission Fee: 40 Baht (Price are subject to change)
Contact: Tel: 0 2328-0236
Don Mueang Airport
Chokchai Steak House O Zone
This is one of the area’s most popular Thai restaurants and diners will be treated to a selection of dishes from all over the Land of Smiles. Some of the most popular dishes here include the spicy Thai salad called somtam, tom yam goong and pad thai.
Dress Code: Anything goes
How to get there: Take a taxi to Songprapa Rd., near Don Mueang Airport
Opening Hours: Daily from 06.00 pm. - 01.00 am.
Contact: Tel: 0 2929 8854, 08 1335 7706
Chokchai Steak House Henry J. Bean's Bar & Grill
This warm and welcoming restaurant is the ideal place to share a meal with loved ones and lovers of Tex-Mex food are in for a real treat. Those in search of a little liquid refreshment will be able to choose from a selection of draught beers and cocktails and live music is played in the evenings.
Dress Code: anything goes
How to get there: Take the free shuttle bus from Don Mueang Airport to Amari Don Mueang.
Opening Hours: Daily from 05.00 pm. - 02.00 am.
Contact: Tel: 0 2566 1020; Fax: 0 2566-1941
Edo Japanese Restaurant Krua Thai Airways
This large bakery is a great place to grab food on the go and the excellent chefs here provide a wide range of puffs, pies and pasty to hungry travellers. The bakery chefs here have all trained with Thai Airways International’s cookery school, which has been turning out culinary delights for more than 40 years.
Dress Code: anything goes
How to get there: Take bus number 29, 59, 504 or 513
Opening Hours: Daily from 10.00 am. - 08.00 pm.
Contact: Tel: 0 2973 4047 to 8
Suvarnabhumi International Airport
Sala Thai Restaurant Sala Thai Restaurant
This stylish Thai restaurant combines traditional flavours with a modern twist. The décor inside is simply exquisite, featuring sculptures and gilded door panels, while the dishes hail from all over Thailand. The menu has been created by award-winning Chef Bang-on Malalek and includes dishes such as red curry, pad Thai and masaman curry.
Dress Code: Smart casual
How to get there: Take Suvarnabhumi Airport’s shuttle bus service from outside gate 4
Opening Hours: Daily from 11.30 am. – 02.30 pm. and 06.00 pm. – 10.30 pm.
Royal Dragon restaurant Royal Dragon Chinese Restaurant
Acclaimed as the biggest restaurant in the entire world in 1992 by the Guinness Book of World Record, eating at the Royal Dragon Chinese Restaurant is an unforgettable experience. Not only does this stylish restaurant serve some of the best Chinese food in Bangkok, diners are also treated to spectacular shows as they eat. Some of the performances that take place while diners slurp their way through noodle dishes and munch duck with rice are the flying catering man show and masked Khon dances.
Dress Code: Smart casual
How to get there: Take the BTS to the last station and then a taxi to the Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Center
Opening Hours: Daily from 11.00 am. - 02.00 pm. and 07.00 pm. - 02.00 am.
Contact: Tel: 0 2398 0037
Edu Japanese Restaurant
Located inside the Miracle Grand Convention Hotel, Edu Japanese Restaurant is one of Bangkok’s finest Japanese restaurants, serving an excellent selection of both traditional and contemporary dishes. Some of the most popular creations here include sushi, teriyaki and sashimi, which are prepared in front of diners and served in a tranquil dining area.

Dress Code: Smart casual
How to get there: The restaurant is located around 50kms from Suvarnabhumi Airport and passengers can make use of a free shuttle bus, while it is also possible to get here by taxi from all parts of Bangkok
Opening Hours: Daily from 11.00 am. - 02.00 pm. and 07.00 pm. - 02.00 am.
Contact: Tel: 0 2398 0037
Don Mueang Airport
Bellezza Skincare Center and Spa 1. Baan Kham Paya
The perfect way to relax and unwind, visitors to Baan Kham Paya are sure to receive pampering with a range of professional spa treatments including traditional Thai massage. All the products used here are produced by Bann Kham Paya using natural Thai herbal ingredients and are available to purchase.

How to get there: Take a taxi to Vibhavadi Rangsit, Soi Viphavadi 20
Contact: Tel: 0 2276-9870; Website:
Majesty Spa 2. Majesty Spa
Visitors to Bangkok who want to treat themselves to a little pampering will find what they are looking for at the Majesty Spa, which is the ideal place to unwind and simply let go off the stress of travelling. One of the best things about this spa is that they provide a personal touch, with a wide range of spa treatments provided by professional masseurs.
How to get there: The spa is situated on the second floor of Urban Square, 333 Prachachuen Rd., Thongsonghong, Laksi
Opening Hours: Daily from 10.30 am. – 09.30 pm.
Contact: Tel: 0 2589 1391
Boran Massage
One of the most stylish massage parlours in the whole of Bangkok, Boran Massage uses traditional Thai massage techniques to leave visitors feeling fantastic. Those in search of pure pampering and a little luxury can take advantage of one of the private VIP rooms, where professional masseuses will soothe aching muscles.

How to get there: Boran Massage is located in the Twin Towers Hotel (near Rangsit University, Phaholyothin Rd.) just off the Hua Lamphong MRT station
Opening Hours: Daily 08.00 am. - 08.00 pm.
Contact: Tel: 0 2164 1001 to 7; Website:
Suvarnabhumi International Airport
1. Aromavera Spa
Combining the natural healing elements of aromatherapy and aloe vera, the Aromavera Spa has been providing professional consultation services and spa treatments since 1997. Overseen by spa consultant and holistic health expert Dr. Paiboon Pilum-owad, Aromavera Spa has used its success to establish branches all over the world. Visitors will be able to choose from a wide range of both modern and traditional treatments, including aromatherapy body massage, foot bath and scrub, sauna treatments and slimming massage.

How to get there: Take a taxi to 41, 75 Soi Pattanakarn 64, Pattanakarn Rd., Pravej
Contact: Tel: 0 2722 0001 to 3, 0 2322-9707 to 9; Website:
Slimming and Spa-Central City Bangna 2. Bangkok Natural Spa
Offering a large number of treatment rooms and specially designed spa packages, the Bangkok Natural Spa is a top choice for visitors to Bangkok who want to relax and unwind for a few hours. The professional masseurs and beauty therapists here are able to advise clients on the treatments that will best compliment them, with some treatments designed to relax, while others revitalise and energise.
How to get there: Take a taxi to Soi Pattankarn 30
Contact: Tel: 0 2319 7015 to 6; Website:
Poe Patana Thai Style Massage
Visitors who are suffering from the stress and strain of modern life can have their aches and pains soothed away with a traditional Poe Patana Thai Style Massage. This traditional massage centre offers a range of alternative products and services such as massage, facial treatments and sauna.

How to get there: Take a taxi to 40/80-81 Srinakarin Rd., Nongbon
Contact: Tel: 0 2399 1371
Don Mueang Airport
IT square 1. IT square
Featuring more than 300 different shops, this is a paradise for technology geeks as all the shops here specialize in computers and accessories. Whether you’re looking for the latest piece of kit at a low, low rate or want parts to vamp up your own mean machine, IT Square is the place to go. There are also a number of service centres here, where experts are on hand to aid and assist when things go wrong.
How to get there: IT Square is located in Chanwattana, on bus routes 39, 510 and 520
Opening Hours: Daily from 10.00 am. – 08.00 pm.
IT square 2. Future Park Rangsit
One of the largest shopping malls in the whole of Asia, Future Park Rangsit can be found on Phaholyothin Rd.. This enormous venue contains branches of some of Thailand’s leading department stores such as Big C, TOPS and Robinsons. Visitors in search of entertainment will find an EGV cinema here as well as branches of popular Western restaurants such as McDonalds, KFC and Burger King.
How to get there: Take bus number 39, 510 or 520
Opening Hours: Daily from 10.00 am. - 09.30 pm.
IT square 3. Zeer
One of the biggest IT shopping malls in the whole of Thailand, Zeer covers more than 80,000 square meters. In addition to hundreds of stalls selling hardware, software and accessories, visitors will find plenty of entertainment venues here such as an ice rink, two bowling centres, a snooker room and no fewer than five cinemas. Prices are considerably lower than in many other parts of the world, meaning that those who want the latest technology without having to pay through the nose for it will be in their element here.
How to get there: Zeer is located on Phaholyothin Rd. an visitors can take bus no. 29, 34, 39, 59, 95, 185, 503, 510, 513 or 520
Opening Hours: Daily from 10.00 am. - 09.00 pm.
Suvarnabhumi International Airport
Seacon Square 1. Seacon Square
Located just 14kms from Suvarnabhumi Airport, the Seacon Square shopping mall can be found on Srinakarin Rd.. This large shopping mall was opened in 1994 by HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirinhorn and features a wide range of internationally recognized stores such as Tesco and Boots as well as fast food outlets, restaurants and entertainment options.
How to get there: Seacon Square is located next to BTS Sky Train station Onnuch. It is also possible to take bus number 145 or 206
Opening Hours: Daily from 10.00 am. – 09.00 pm.
Seacon Square 2. Central Plaza (Bangna)
One of Thailand’s best-loved shopping malls, Central Plaza has branches all over Thailand. The branch at Bang Na is particularly large as this is one of the area’s main shopping malls. Consisting of eight different levels, visitors will find everything from clothes, to electronic equipment here. The top floor also contains a large cinema, while fast food outlets and restaurants are located on every level on Central Plaza Bang Na.
How to get there: Central Plaza Bangna is located next to BTS Sky Train station Onnuch. It is also possible to take bus number 30, 38, 46, 48, 132, 139, 365 or 1141
Opening Hours: Daily from 10.00 am. - 09.00 pm.
3. The Paseo
One of the newest shopping malls to grace the area around Suvarnabhumi Airport and Onnuch, The Paseo contains a wide assortment of shops and stores, with international brands such as The Body Shop, Boots and Tesco. Those who like to shop will be able to spend several hours browsing for bargains, while other entertainment options include visiting the cinema, karaoke and bowling.

How to get there: The Paseo is located next to BTS Sky Train station Onnuch.
Seacon Square Bang Phli Floating Market
Established more than 150 years ago by Chinese traders, the traditional floating market at Bang Phli is still going strong. Unlike some other examples in Thailand, this floating market has managed to escape the pressures of tourism and remain close to its roots. Rather than cheap souvenirs and Western snacks, visitors will find traditional Thai food here, as well as locally produced fruit and vegetables and other food products. Not many Westerners make it to the Bang Phli Floating Market, and this remains a real gem for visitors who are searching for the "real" Thailand.
How to get there: Bang Phli Floating market is located near Suvarnabhumi Airport and visitors can take a taxi to Wat Bang Phli Yai Nai, where the market starts.
Opening Hours: Daily from 08.00 am. – 05.00 pm.
Contact: Tel: 0 2337-3715, 0 2337 3414
Don Mueang Airport
German Country Place German Country Place (Don Mueang)
This large and vibrant restaurant and brewery is popular with both local people and Westerners as it serves reasonably priced meals and draught beer. This is a fun and friendly atmosphere in which to relax and unwind in and as well as traditional Thai treats the menu boasts a wide range of Western favourites such as burgers, fries and baguettes.
How to get there: Take a taxi to Future Park Rangsit.
Opening Hours: Daily from 07.00 pm. - 02.00 am.
Admission Fee: No entry charge
Suvarnabhumi International Airport
Red time Pub & restaurant
Red time Pub Featuring a three-zone pub, restaurant and Karaoke bar, the Red Time Pub and Restaurant is a popular place to play. A large number of Thai people travel here from all over Bangkok to sing at the Karaoke bar, while the restaurant serves a wide range of Thai and Western dishes.
How to get there: Take a taxi to Srinakirin Rd.
Opening Hours: Daily from 06.00 pm. - 02.00 am.
Admission Fee: No entry charge